Who we are


Our History

DM Design was founded by Diana Magesa with the aim of conserving the environment through creative design and creating job opportunity to the youths and women.

We design world class costumes from waste materials. Our designs by extensions now conserves the environment, create employments to the youth and improves living stands for women and youths.

We are looking at making the mother earth a better place to leave now and in the future.

About the Founder

Diana Magesa was born in Shinyanga, but built her fashion career in Morogoro. She began designing in 2009, creating a costume for Miss Universe Tanzania and taking home with her the prize for Best National Costume.

Unlike many other fashionistas in the world, Diana Magesa’s collection is filled with costumes and designs which are the product of recycled waste disposals. Diana is very concerned with the current state of the mother earth; how waste disposals has been endangering living species including human.

She then decided to integrate her passion for fashion and green environment to save mankind from self-destruction. She and her colleagues decided to launch a movement where they visit in the city’s most affected and vulnerable waste disposals areas to reinstate the sanitary. The collected wastes are recycled to create a set of different costume and designs.