What we Do


Creative Designs

We use waste materials to make film costumes, cultural show costumes, traditional garments and cultural decorations.
Our consistency being being top of trending designs has put us on top of every show.


Our vision is to set up a small scale industry that will be teaching and empowering individuals a range of skills in fashion and designing and encouraging people to take full responsibility for our environment.
This will help with creating employment channels, finding new markets for our products, adding value to our products and creating a waste free society.

We have participated in several fassion competition I’ve been participating and representing Tanzania to a local and international fashion competitions. In 2009, we were awarded the Best costume for the World Miss Earth 2009 at in Philippines Manila, the first ever award received in Tanzania.

Environmental Conservation

At DM Design's, we care about the environment and we actively involve the community in collecting waste materials which we then use to make different costumes.

Our main agender is make our earth waste free by providing alternatives ways of disposing waste through creativity and turning the waste into valuable items including film costumes, decoration items among others.
Environmental Conservation

Community Empowerment

We work with the community, especially youth and women by training them on the need to take care of our environment. We also train them in the creative and design industry. This sharpens their skills in creative design using waste materials and in the long run employing themselves.